Art History

Is your Art History in black and white?


… or … would you prefer it in color?


history-of-art (1)





  1. Carlos Toca Diego says:

    Hello,Carmen I´m Carlos from 3ºB.My objetive next year will be to obtain a excellent since this year I will want to have an excellents marks.Your idea of start with geomethry in my opinion it is a excellent idea since with this form ,we can better during the new year.When i was six years old i painted very well but now…I don´t paint so good.
    For paint I prefer for paint abstract drowings or free drowings.Though I don´t like geomethry drowings. This is everything bye.

  2. Mario Molleda says:

    Me ha gustado mucho por sus fotos, me parece muy interesante y divertido,me e quedado impresionado por sus fotos, además se aprende inglés.

  3. vicgb2013 says:

    Hi Carmen! I like this post, is very interesting and usefull

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