Is it a polygon? Click here!

Polygons according to Wikipedia

  1. isaac ballano 1º A says:

    i like old the video of the polygon song

  2. sofia fernandez 1º B says:

    Hello, Carmen I’m Sofía.
    I like this blog because have a lot of videos and is very fun because have a lot of activities. My favourite video is ” The polygon song “. I love it!

  3. Anjana says:

    Hello,I´m Anjana.
    I like tjis because the songs and the activities are very funny

  4. Angel Eduardo says:

    Hi Carmen, I am Angel
    I like this part of unit because it is very interesting and The song ” The polygon song “. Is the best song!!!!! and the activities are very fun. This unit it is very interesting.

  5. Javier Amor says:

    This page is very interesting because I can learn about triangles cuadrilaterals and I can see a video of all possibles polygons

  6. yaiza quintana ruiloba 1B says:

    i like all the songs because i learn and are cool

  7. pablo prieto says:

    I love the polygon song I going to give a like in youtube

  8. Adrián Martín García says:

    Hi! Carmen (IT´S MY TEACHER) I Adrian, How are you? And I listen THE POLYGON SONG,
    It´s very funny

  9. Adrián Martín García says:

    I from 1ºE class in I.E.S Muriedas

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