Have a look at these links!

  1. Quadrilaterals with MathisFun
  2. Quadrilaterals  with Cimt.Plymouth.ac.uk
  3. Quadrilaterals with Math.com
  4. Quadrilaterals with OneMathematicalCat.org
  5. Quadrilaterals with Shmoop
  6. Quadrilaterals with Mathopolis
  7. Quadrilaterals with IXL

Have a look to these videos!

Here you are some adjectives you are going to use!

convex / ˈkɑːnveks / || / ˈkɒnveks/

concave / ˈkɑːnkeɪv / || / ˈkɒŋkeɪv/

complex / ˈkɑːmpleks / || / ˈkɒmpleks/

regular / ˈreɡjələr / || / ˈreɡjʊlə(r)/

irregular /ɪˈreɡjələr / || /ɪˈreɡjʊlə(r)/

What does congruent mean?



Quadrilaterals images


It’s hip to be a square lyric

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  1. Diego says:

    I like this page because i can study about the poligons.

  2. Sergio Benito says:

    It is very interesting and I like learn about this unit because is very easy and beautiful

  3. Sergio Benito says:

    Es muy interesante y me gusta aprender acerca de esta unidad porqe es muy facil y bonita

  4. Sergio Benito says:

    Se me traduce solo

  5. Claudia Martínez says:

    I like this leson and I like the song ( located in this page ) the song ” I am a parelogram ” I think that with this songs I lern more and more funny.

  6. Victor garcia barquin says:

    I like the blog. I like the videos because are very funny and some activities

  7. Sara García says:

    I love the song about polygons!! Are incredible!! I can learn about the polygons,parallelograms,square etc… I like this blog. 🙂

  8. carlos herreria vega says:

    i like the page because the songs help to learn

  9. ariana sanchez says:

    i like because it is very easy and beatiful and i like the song of the parallelogram

  10. Álvaro Cobo says:

    I like this page because there is a lot of information about the polygons with funny videos.

  11. Paola Martinez says:

    I love this blog because it has a lot of information and some fun songs.This information is very interesting.My favourite song is; na,na ,na,na,na,na just a boring square!!

  12. Angel Eduardo says:

    Hi Carmen, I am Angel
    I like this part of unit because it is very interesting and The song ” The polygon song “. Is the best song in the word!!!!! and the activities are very fun. This unit it is very interesting.

  13. Andrés Santini Basanta says:

    I like this because it’s very funny for estudy the cudarilaterals.

  14. Miguel Gómez says:

    I like this page because is very interesting to study the quadrilaterals.

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