Visual Elements

The Dot

The Line


The Plane


  1. Sandra says:

    Me gustan mucho los dos powers points, sobre todo el primero.

  2. Sergio Benito says:

    The alebrijes are very cools because has it a lot ofs colours and the criaures are very rare.

  3. Alvaro Cobo says:

    The alebrijes are cools because has it a lot ofs forms very rare and has got very colours.

  4. Paula says:

    I didn´t know the Alebrijes. They are coloristic and very original. I like them because the animals are different and imaginary.

  5. alberto gutierrez says:

    los alebrijes me gustan por sus formas y colores

  6. victor garcia says:

    I really like the product because they appear to give all activities during the course

  7. M. Dayanna Sinisterra Gutiérrez says:

    I think that is very interesting because these small sculptures are very exciting and with colours many . I really like. That´s great

  8. Diego San Emeterio says:

    Los alebrijes son muy bonitos y coloridos.

  9. isaac ballano says:

    i like the alebrijes is very fun because the colorful.

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