Punto Penelope Stañ-001

The smallest and most simple element in art expresion. Its main purpose is to indicate position. It may have different qualities, such as color, shape and size.


VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


Pointillism is a way of painting in which small separate dots of pure color are used to form images. The artist paints the picture with hundreds of tiny dots, mainly of red, yellow, blue and green, with white. The eye and mind of the viewer mix the colours to make different shades of these colours, as well as orange, purple, pink, and brown depending on the way the dots of colour are arranged.

Georges Seurat, who at first worked with the Impressionist painters, first used this technique in 1886. Other important artists were Paul SignacCamille Pissarro and, in some paintings, Vincent van GoghArt critics who saw their work, laughed at it and called it “Pointillism” as an insult. This name is still used, but is no longer thought of as an insult.



Yayoy Kusama

Yayoi Kusama (草間 彌生 or 弥生 Kusama Yayoi, born March 22, 1929) is a Japanese artist and writer. Throughout her career she has worked in a wide variety of media, including paintingcollagesculptureperformance art and environmental installations, most of which exhibit her thematic interest in psychedelic colors, repetition and pattern. A precursor of the pop artminimalist and feminist artmovements, Kusama influenced contemporaries such as Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg.[1] Although largely forgotten after departing the New York art scene in the early 1970s, Kusama is now acknowledged as one of the most important living artists to come out of Japan, and an important voice of the avant-garde.




Students’ exercises



trabajo clase4




trabajo clase 20118


trabajo clase1

Work proposal

Dot Activities (Word format)

  1. I like the Michelin`s picture, it is really beautiful. A lot of dots can make a well draw.

  2. lucia says:

    the pictures is very beautifull

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