mandala 214-001


Visual and tactile quality of surfaces depending on the material they are made of.

Visual Textures: 

Can only be perceived through the sense of sigth.

mandala 215-001

mandala 212

mandala 213-001

mandala 210-001

Tactile textures

Can be perceived through the sense of touch.

Textures by rubbing

Rubbing technique: produced by rubbing a crayon or coloured pencil on a thin paper which is placed over a surface with a tactile texture. As a result, the texture is printed on the piece of paper.

Elia TexTac-001

Sara texTac-001

Adrian Santamaria Tex Tac


Click here to learn more vocabulary about textures!

  1. Ángela Bolado says:


    Hello Carmen, I am Ángela Bolado from 3º B.
    My favourite subject is plastic because activities what we do are always different and there are not two work equals.
    In first of ESO we learnt a lot of thing about plastic and we used different techniques to draw and colour and we learnt many word in English too. And this year I think that we are not boring in plastic class since we are going to learnt how we can draw and colour better and we are going to learn many new words in English.
    My favourite part of plastic is when we can express our dream is a white paper with a pencil but the part of plastic that I don’t like is when we can to study and to do exams.
    This year I would like to use texture and do collage.
    When we draw I prefer do original shape or collage however when we do geometrical figures I don’t like very much.
    In my opinion the part more difficult of the subject is when we have to do drawings with perspective.
    So this year I think that we will do many interesting thing and that we will learnt a lot of new information.

  2. Marina Lomas says:


    Hi Carmen, I am Marina Lomas from 3ºA.

    What I would to do in my plasticenglish class is, work with many tools and objects that I think that we will use this year as we did at first of ESO,where we learned different techniques of painting,we learned to use the different types of pens, to use the different types of paper, we learned to use the types of rules, such as the squad, and the set square, which we use to draw, for example, 3D drawings.
    I do not like very much draw because I am a very bad painter.
    On the other hand, in plastic we could express what are we thinking, or what we are seeing.
    And also I would like to learn how to draw cartoons, or something like that, because, when I represent a person, always I draw a rag doll, with a big head, and sometimes even I paint him the eyes, but I do not like it because it seems a bit childish.
    So that is a bit of what I would like to do this year in my plasticenglish class.

  3. ekaterina says:

    i love the texture is like:a litle pour ca

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