Visual Metaphors

Huevo Metáfora Visual

Visual metaphors: graphic resources that are used to symbolise memories, situations or feelings.








  1. Caterina says:

    My Favorite visual metaphor is the first because I parce originates and very funny .

  2. lucia says:

    i like the photos

  3. I think the best picture is the Earth ice cream because in that photo we can understand that the Earth is melting because the global warming.
    I also like the boat picture, we think it is in the sea.

  4. Sergio Álvarez says:

    The image of the egg has been the most original along with the bread shoes. Is almost impossible to believe that you can be as creative

  5. sofia gutierrez 1ºD says:

    Chema Madoz is a magic photograpy

  6. michel says:

    IT´s very well I like good work

  7. Alberto Porras says:

    Subtle metaphors for clever people.
    They transmit incredible feelings.
    A nice work. Thanks.

  8. victoria deckmann says:

    I like the first visual metaphor,because the idea that the author wants to express is clear

  9. ekaterina says:

    is very impressionant
    i love the visual metafors

  10. ana.c says:

    I really like this picture because it is very symbolic when the chick count the days left to go.

  11. Diego says:

    The egg is very funny and impressive as they look to the sea.

  12. Carolina Liaño says:

    Ilike the third picture, because looking at it gives sensation of comfort and homeloving

  13. ignacio says:

    las fotografías éstan muy bien hechas

  14. Reade Yakimishyn says:

    This is cool.

  15. […] says, C. (2013) Visual metaphors. Available at: (Accessed: 3 December 2016). In-text citations: (says, […]

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