Chema Madoz


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  1. Raul Carral Sota says:

    I don `t like because I do not understan the meaning

  2. I love visual metaphors of Chema Madoz because they are very original

  3. Leire Gimeno says:

    I like Chema Madoz because is a best artist for my.

  4. michel says:

    IT´s very original it´s a good work

  5. I loved the images of the artist Chema Madoz, and images of others, I liked most was the birds.

  6. lucia says:

    las fotos son muy originales me gusta

  7. lucia says:

    the photos are very original I like

  8. David Quevedo says:

    I have liked very much Chema Madoz because it is very creative and I am charmed with his works


    these images are very well miss me love

  10. Cristina E says:

    I like these visual metaphors are funny, witty and pretty

  11. Marta Trueba Ruiz says:

    This photos are very interesting for me.I loved.

  12. Natalia Soberón Moro says:

    Chema Mado because I like what it does very well explained

  13. Ängel says:

    the drawings of Chema Madoz are beautifull. I love it these trawings.

  14. daniel says:

    I like chema madoz because theirs worksare very original and do you see another way is coasa.

  15. Alberto Porras says:

    Subtle metaphors for clever people.
    They transmit incredible feelings.
    A nice work. Thanks.

  16. Carmen Molinero Saiz says:

    I like the visual metaphors of Chema Madoz because metaphors used in several everyday things

  17. Marta says:

    I like it because Chema Madoz is very original and he has a lot imagination.
    I would never have thought about it.

  18. ekaterina says:

    it’s very funny and profesional i love

  19. isabel gonzalez 1°B says:

    I like the first picture becouse it’s very original

  20. SARA VÁZQUEZ says:

    It’s beautifull blog. It has helped me a lot.

  21. amelia elias says:

    i love visual metafores of chema madoz, because is diferent and he makes you think. I LOVE IT!!!

  22. zaira says:

    i like chema madoz because their images are very nice

  23. jana luara says:

    The pictures are wonderful and are very weel made.

  24. Alejandro Sanchís Sarabia says:

    Chema Madoz works are great, I love your photos

  25. Cristina says:

    I think they are very interesting ideas and reflect wit and delicacy.

  26. Gema Porras Claudios says:

    This person has got a lot of imagination and transform one simple picture in an artwork

  27. luis y Sara S. says:

    I love the pictures because are very beautifull, I like this artist because her works are very incredibles and originals.

  28. ainhoa cagigas says:

    I like Chema Madoz because it has some good ideas

  29. Ibai Izuel Blanco says:

    Chema Madoz its very interesting person with a very intresting personality . I like his photografies because they´re very ingenious and show us a simple beauty

  30. lucia says:

    my visual metaphors is the plates on the sewer.

  31. ignacio says:

    muy bien exprsadas

  32. Nicolás says:

    I like very much the work of Chema Madoz because it is very clever.

  33. Zobu says:

    Ohh! Is funny

  34. Zobu says:


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